What is HayekGold?

HayekGold is a gold-back, digital asset that can be transferred anywhere in the world at minimal costs using block chain technology and the Counterparty platform.

What is Counterparty?

Counterparty is a peer-to-peer financial platform and a distributed, open-source Internet protocol built on top of the Bitcoin block chain and network.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a computer network and a digital currency. The computer network is decentralized and run by computers called 'miners' that are located all over the world. They are rewarded with 'bitcoins' for solving complicated math problems to unlock 'blocks'.
'Bitcoins' are represented in long strings of numbers and letters called 'addresses'. Bitcoins are a digital currency used as a fast, easy way to transact peer-to-peer without a bank or third party.

What is the blockchain?

The blockchain is a public ledger of all transactions in the Bitcoin network. It shows each time bitcoins are sent from one address to another.

How are Counterparty assets built 'on top of the Bitcoin blockchain'?

Counterparty assets attach themselves to a small amount of bitcoin in order to use this easy and transparent payment vehicle. Each Counterparty asset (ie: HayekGold) is tracked through the blockchain. Every time one person sends a Counterparty asset to another person it is recorded in the public ledger.

Is there a fee to transfer HayekGold?

When you transfer your gold to HayekGold a transfer fee will be charged, which is prepaid insurance and storage of the gold. It is a flat fee per Hayek. Each Hayek equals one gram of gold. The fee may fluctuate depending on spot value at time of transfer.
You will be charged a one time fee of $5 when you open your first external HayekGold wallet. This includes bitcoin to operate on the Counterparty platform.

How much BTC am I buying when converting gold to Hayeks?

The Counterparty system is built on top of the Bitcoin block chain. That means you need bitcoin to use your Counterparty asset. When you create your Counterparty Wallet you and deposit Hayeks you will notice a small amount of BTC is also deposited into your Counterparty Wallet. Its a small fraction of a bitcoin, usually less than $.30 USD.

Who pays storage fees for the HayekGold that is held outside of AnthemVault.com?

A fee paid during the gold to HayekGold transfer includes a small fee that prepays for the insurance and storage of the gold.

How can I trust Anthem Vault with my Hayeks?

Just like your gold, your HayekGold is protected at Anthem Vault through a safe and secure encrypted pass phrase system as well as armed guards at the vault. Additionally, full audits will happen yearly, and clients can visit their tangible gold at the vault (please provide a 72 hour advance notice).

Is HayekGold available internationally?

HayekGold is only available to US customers, however we will be launching the worldwide release in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Will you be listing Hayek on any exchanges?

Yes, we are currently situating ourselves to be listed on a few well-known exchanges. We'll update you as soon as we launch on each.

Can we launch Hayek on our e-commerce platform?

Yes, we will allow international beta in July and are starting to work with prospective partners now.